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Powell, Rogers & Speaks is a woman owned financial services business entity with a national and international scope of operations operating out of two locations in Pennsylvania and Florida. Powell, Rogers & Speaks has expanded from its original roots to incorporate professional private investigators through its subsidiary, Powell Investigations.

The company was established in 1990 in direct response to the business community's need for a comprehensive approach to ever rising debt and delinquency. Traditional collection agency approaches of credit damage and/or idle threats do not work in today's sophisticated society.

Since its inception, Powell, Rogers & Speaks has designed custom programs and services to assist over 400 prominent businesses, governments and schools nationwide. We develop and employ the latest in telephone and mail contacts along with a legal staff to handle both litigation and telephone contacts. At Powell, Rogers & Speaks, our attorneys only work for our clients. Unlike traditional law firms, we do not handle the multiplicity of cases which can divert attention from our business clients' needs.

The firm's proven track record of success is demonstrated in our continuous growth and strong client retention. Powell, Rogers & Speaks remains fully committed to providing professional and quality services, as we remain on the cutting edge of technology, both of which are necessary to compete in a rapidly changing credit environment.

What makes Powell, Rogers & Speaks Unique?

We are unique in our combination of debt collection professionals, attorneys, and licensed private investigators combining forces to provide the most comprehensive and unique services in the recovery field.

We are a woman owned entity certified through ORCA; Duns # 833340763. We are one of an elite few certified woman owned debt collection firms in America.

We are one of a very few collection firms that have passed the international security standards ISO 17799-2005 which is the industry standard for large banks, industry and government entities. These standards are all encompassing everything from data security, business continuation planning, personnel security and others. We have been certified since 2007.

Our approach to debt recovery can best be summed up in our trade secret "Compassionate Collection Approach" which provides the recoveries clients desire with a professionalism required to handle even the toughest delinquents.

The attorney and investigator involved capabilities allows us direct communication to delinquents from these professionals to assist in those cases requiring additional resources. Very few if any agencies would have either of these abilities much less both.

We are a profit sharing firm which is driven by our dedicated staff. Our industry, though it provides incentives does not provide the true profit sharing that Powell, Rogers & Speaks does.

We operate out of two different distinct geographic areas that provides our clients with redundancies should there be a geographic outage such as electrical or telephone. We are able to operate without any downtime.

Our two geographic locations provides our ability to handle most language barriers such as Spanish, German, French etc with our diverse background collection specialists. We are better equipped to understand the different ethnic communities that we may need to collect from.

The information technology department is made up of highly skilled degreed computer programmers, equipment engineers and other relevant degrees.

We provide custom tailored collection approaches and custom tailored communications which are our norm. Unlike our competitors, we do not take a cookie cutter approach to our clients' needs. We develop our approaches jointly to ensure the quality that our clients desire.

Powell, Rogers & Speaks and its subsidiary, Powell Investigations stand ready to handle the difficulties of today's economy and the future economies as well. We provide cutting edge technology and highly educated, dedicated and driven staff providing the success for both our clients and us.

Powell, Rogers & Speaks and Powell Investigations are firms organized and built on professional integrity.

Professional integrity translates into a commitment to both clients and staff to always provide a professional working relationship. We define integrity as sincerity in all that we undertake, which we consider to be the backbone of our company. These firms are dedicated to providing clients with quality debt collection, legal consultation and investigative services by highly trained and motivated employees. Our company strives to provide a quality working business relationship with our clients and with our staff.

We provide our staff with an atmosphere conducive to success, which means that our staff is working toward goals that result in positive results for our clients.

These firms are dedicated to these ideals and shall go forward without reservation and in total sincerity in all that we do in pursuit of perfection.

*Litigation services may require suit fee and court cost where applicable, no suits are initiated without written client authorizaton.

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