Telephone Collection Specialist Trainee

A telephone collection specialist is responsible for speaking to each individual debtor one-on-one while making an active attempt to collect the monies they owe to particular companies. Employees will be trained and tested to become ACA certified before collections begin.

Collection Supervisors

Collection supervisors will serve as the backbone of the collection department, overseeing the collection efforts of the telephone collection specialists. A helpful and patient supervisor will be best, as they can suggest better tactics for collection when needed.

Professional Sales Representative

In order for the collection department to run smoothly, there must be a plethora of accounts which they may collect. To do this, a professional sales rep is needed to gather new clients. Using modern marketing techniques, the sales representative will be responsible for setting up meetings, holding meetings, and showing clients why our company’s services are the best fit for their needs.

Sales Secretary

The sales secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records for the sales department. Updating files, making calls, sending emails and assisting on sales meetings and conferences may be needed.

Administrative Assistant

The administrative assistant assists in general secretarial work. Answering phones, organizing files and assisting in paperwork are all typical requirements of this position. At times, the administrative assistant may be needed to assist other aspects of the company when needed. In addition, they assist executives in meetings, etc. Travel may be necessary in this position.

Data Entry Supervisors

Entering information into our computer system accurately is a very important aspect of the collection business. Data entry personnel are needed to enter information in an organized and proper manner. Data entry supervisors will be responsible for overseeing the entry of this important information and assist in regulating the clerical department.

Accounting Personnel

Accounting personnel is needed to carry out the general clerical responsibilities of our company. They will be responsible for aspects of date entry in addition to their general accounting duties.


A CPA is very crucial to our company. They serve a vital role in calculating figured for our company as well as the companies who use our services. Their position also includes aspects of data entry.


The bookkeepers are responsible for keeping accurate, neat records of transactions which occur in the day-to-day activities of our company.

File Clerks

File clerks are responsible for organizing and filing information which is obtained for each client who uses our agency. Those who obtain this position will be responsible for upkeep of the files as well as accurate, neat means or organization of those files.

Client Services Representative

The client service representative serves as a liaison between our company and a company that shows interest in our company, ensuring that all aspects of the relationship run smoothly and activities and plans are carried out thoroughly and as planned.


Attorneys are responsible for collection of delinquent accounts through the legal process and to provide delinquent collection support. In addition to collection work, attorneys are responsible to do legal work on behalf of the company in various types of matters, as necessary. A commitment to developing strong oral and written communication skills as well as people skills is necessary.


The paralegal is responsible for assisting the attorneys in their day-to-day activities, filing, organizing, making calls and answering the phone. In addition, they may be needed to assist in preparation of documents.

IT Support Staff

The IT support staff is responsible for making sure all electronic aspects of the company run smoothly. Programming, fixing and purchasing computers, printers and other equipment may be necessary.

Computer Engineer/Programmers

The computer engineer is responsible for configuring networks and equipment with our company’s system. In addition, assistance in repair and purchase of equipment may be necessary.

Private Detectives

Private detectives are needed in conjunction with the division of Powell Investigations. They are responsible for gathering clients and performing the services which the department offers, such as background investigations, skiptracing efforts, and hidden asset location, to name a few.

Skip Trace Specialists

Skip trace specialists are important to the collection agency. Using our skiptracing program, they are responsible for attempting to locate individuals, as well as updating address, phone number and any other pertinent information.


Trainers are needed in many aspects of Powell, Rogers & Speaks. Certified trainers would be necessary to instruct and assist new employees.

Cleaning Personnel

The cleaning personnel is responsible for the general upkeep of the office.

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