Industries Served:

  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Taxes/Government
  • Retail/NSF Checks
  • Education/Student Loans
  • Banks/Credit Cards
  • Hospital/Medical


  • Worldwide Collections
  • Customized Recovery Programs
  • Outsourcing Assistance Programs
  • Complete Litigation Management
  • Professional Skiptracing
  • Collection Consultation Services
  • Collection Training Seminars
  • Credit Bureau Reporting Available


Government Services
This division handles delinquent receivables revolving around local, state and national government. These would include taxes, code and parking violations, sewer, trash, water, and other governmental receivables.

Health Services
This division is made up of collection specialists who are versed in the Healthcare receivables field including the many nuances, such as federal regulation, HIPAA & insurances. Some areas of collections include pre-collection, early-out collection, Info Collect, and delinquent in-patient and out-patient accounts.

Merchant Services
This division handles receivables for national merchants in check collection and secret shopper programs. Personnel assigned to this area are informed of state federal laws regulating these industries.

Retail Services
This division is dedicated to bank credit card collections, private label credit card collections, installment loan collections, rental collections and fee collections associated with this industry.

Commercial Service
This division is dedicated and knowledgeable in handling business to business delinquencies.

Utility Service
This division is responsible and knowledgeable in state and local rules regulating the collection of delinquent electric, gas, telephone, cell phone, water, and sewer receivables. These staff members are knowledgeable of all utility regulations governing collections in their respective areas.

University Services
This division is knowledgeable of regulations governing the collections of delinquent student loans through both federal and state programs as well as tuition accounts. This division also handles incidental billings such as books, parking violations, and other fines assessed by the college or university.

EMS Services
This division offers our clients a Customer Service approach to ems / ambulance collections with an emphasis on cooperation with the consumer to get the debt paid as quickly as possible. By using this approach the number of complaints is greatly reduced and the increase in delinquent revenue becomes visible.

Online Services